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Today's healthcare system is inefficient. Tremendous time is invested, not on patient care, but on redundant administrative tasks. One of those administrative tasks is staff scheduling.

Staff scheduling is unique in that it is the only administrative activity that affects both quality of life and the bottom line. The process demands an elegant and efficient IT solution.

SpinFusion was founded with the vision that if technology could precisely and accurately reproduce existing labor-intensive processes, efficiency gains could be achieved. By offering an automated, completely customizable, web-based product, SpinFusion transforms staff scheduling into an effortless, quick and efficient business task.

Unlike other software vendors, our goal is to build a long-term relationship with you as our client. Not only do we evolve with changes in technology, we also adapt the software to meet you changing needs as your business grows. Our goal is to deliver an innovative product that meets your needs today as well as five to ten years from now.

Today we work with a variety of groups; small and large, private and academic, simple and complex, in 42 different states across the US as well as throughout the world. For each client, we deliver on that original vision. We provide an easy to use solution that helps simplify processes, disseminate information, eliminate errors and remove redundancy.

We look forward to working with you!


The SpinFusion Team