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Customized Solutions

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Founded in 1999, SpinFusion designs and markets full life-cycle software solutions for healthcare providers. SpinFusion's products improve efficiency and drive down the cost of healthcare, enabling providers to focus on clinical care instead of operational issues.

Anesthesiology staff scheduling is unique among the various specialties for various reasons:

Complex, 24x7, multi-site responsibility

Coverage driven by external surgical scheduling needs

Large number of unpredictable, last minute coverage changes

Because of this, scheduling for even a small department is both a multifactorial and tedious process. Most departments have created algorithms and protocols to help efficiently handle these problems. Unfortunately, these strategies are both expensive and error-prone.

SpinFusion's scheduling software is the answer to this problem. By providing a customized, computer-based solution, SpinFusion allows anesthesiology departments to seamlessly maintain scheduling flexibility, reduce errors, and dramatically cut costs. By utilizing SpinFusion, providers will see operational costs decrease and revenues increase.